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A specialist in container weighing, for over 30 years Dr.-Ing. Gschwind Elektronik GmbH has been working mainly for the beverage industry. For the past 15 years he has also been involved in elevator construction.

After completing their degrees at the TH München (Munich Technical University), the two engineers Dr. Gschwind and Dr. Klisch founded the Gschwind und Klisch company in 1972. In 1976 the Dr. Gschwind took over the firm now known as Dr.-Ing. Gschwind Elektronik GmbH. In 1986 Johanna Manner-Gschwind assumed management of the company and has been successfully heading the family business ever since.

During his thesis work, Dr. Gschwind’s contacts with brewers at the Weihenstephan experimental and educational brewery roused his interest in the problem of sterile weighing in tanks and containers without risk of infection. From the beginning, the main emphasis of his work was on the development and production of sensors to provide reliable and reproducible data for aggressive industrial use, without contact to the weighing medium.

To this day, our prime focus has been on the production of load cells. These have an excellent reputation in for precision, durability and capacity worldwide. Other interests include developments and serial production of dosage control and elevator control.

From the start, our goal has been optimal customer consultation and support, reliable delivery dates and top quality products. We are happy to include a list of references containing information about our international clientele on request.

If you should have any questions regarding the weighing of tanks, ask us. We can offer solutions to your "weighing problem" and provide support. 30 years of commitment to and pleasure in our work have made our customers appreciate our reliability, technical competence and consistent high quality. Try us!


Dr.-Ing. Gschwind
Elektronik  GmbH


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