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Precision Load cell type 180





Nominal load

0,5, 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 20 t, (25 t on application)

Nominal span

16 mA



drift of span


drift of zero
(4 mA)


Nominal temperature range:

-10 ... +50C

Application temperature range

-30 ... +50C


14,5 to 30V/70mA
DC without regulation
wrong polarity protection

Output signal

4 - 20 mA
(max. electr. load 200 Ohm)

Applicable load*

1,2-times nominal load

Max. applicable load*

1,5-times nominal load

Break load*

>3-times nominal load

Cable length

25 m (other length available)

Nominal displacement

< 0,1 mm

*Calculated is the sum of dynamic and static load


Precise measuring and dosing in rough applications

Electromechanical weighing and dosing systems use load cells for measuring sensors. The key advantage of our type 180 is the already integrated signal amplifier, which enables an easy and accurate transmission of the signal even for long distance (output signal: regulated current).


More important advantages:


         High precision

         True linearity as a key factor

         Wear out free by absence of moving parts

         Overload possible within the mentioned limits

         Supply with standard cable

         Long cable length allowed by regulated current

         Parallel connexion of more load cells possible

         Stainless steel and waterproof for outdoor use

         Simple installation

         Free of maintenance and cleaning

         Simple combining load cell with analogue or digital indicators

         Compact size permits optimised mounting structures

         Power supply without regulation


Installation (Application)


         Content measuring, Weighing- and Dosing systems

         Part-, full- and overload measuring device

         Industrial measuring through platform- or tank weighing systems

         Especially suited for supply in aggressive industrial atmosphere

See also datasheet loadcell type 180  (Acrobat Reader, 1.356 KB).